Today’s travelling experience become digital, socially savvy and has real-time information access at their fingertips from anywhere.
Fundamental relationship between a passenger and the airline has changed. Today's ever connected passenger likes to take charge of the flying experience. From self-service check-in to mobile boarding, from social media bookings to personalized ancillary products, the airline industry needs to continuously innovate and provide engaging customer experience while at the same time managing cost challenges and optimizing operations.

Technology is changing the expectations of the aviation industry. In order to meet the expectations of the demanding customers ,airlines and their employees expect to be armed with tools to do their jobs better and management expects to improve financials and enhance efficiency.New generation technologies aided with proper consulting guidance can help them to achieve their goals. 

We provide comprehensive, end-to-end new-generation IT solution to the global aviation industry across all business process areas like Airline Passenger Services, Revenue, Sales & Distributation, Finance, CRM, Cargo Operations, Flight Operations, Airport Operations and MRO. This sets us apart with the wide range of technology & products offerings for the aviation industry. 

The differentiator with SkyAviation is the extensive knowledge of the airlines business provided by the group of domain experts having vast experience in the airlines industry, keeping track and familiarising with technology changes along with the variations of the aviation business. 

Our IT services competence spans across both Business & Technology Consulting, some of our specialization areas include Strategizing Designing and Developing Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution for airlines, Independent Software Testing, Business Application Development and maintenance in the new and existing lines of businesses in the Aviation Industry. 

Our strategy is to help customers achieve their business goals by facilitating business innovation and supporting and guiding clients in managing their existing business and new initiatives using next generation technologies and systems.We aim to partner with our customers all throughout their journey of transformation. 

We are more than a technology vendor. Our strategy is to help customers achieve their business goals by facilitating business innovation and supporting such innovative business processes using next generation systems. This way we partner our customers, long term, for their transformation. 

Airline passengers have changed radically over the past few years. Gone are the days of long waits and multiple visits to travel agencies. Today’s traveller is digitally connected, socially savvy and has real-time information access at their fingertips, anywhere and everywhere. 

As a trusted technology partner of leading global airlines, SkyAviation has experience across the entire airline services value chain. Through expertise in travel technology, processes and business management, SkyAviation has been enabling better travel by providing differentiated customer experience. 

SkyAviation has worked with top airlines and airline alliances to improve efficiencies right from days of captive customer service units, rules coding based systems. Today SkyAviation has carved a path in new age technologies and passenger experience arena with Mobile Apps, Real-Time Big Data Analytics, Social Media contact centres, E-Commerce & Mobile Commerce Solutions and other future-ready core solutions.